I wanted to provide this letter of recommendation for Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc. and Cathy Stockinger because I have been so impressed with her services as a legal nurse consultant.

I have used Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc. on more than one occasion and have received services that were above and beyond the call of duty on each occasion. To give one example, I had a client previously who wanted to have records reviewed to determine if there were malpractice issues apparent from medical records and if medical care could have been done differently and if a relative’s life could possibly have been prolonged. My client was seeking this review primarily for peace of mind and the ability to put many questions to rest. Cathy Stockinger understood the client’s goals and purpose and initiated an expedited record review of voluminous records. My client spoke directly with Cathy and her professionalism and ability to put complex medical topics into easy-to-understand terms was much appreciated. Her demeanor, skill in analyzing the records, and ability to address the client’s concerns and questions made my client very happy in a very difficult and stressful time in their life. The client also understood that if a medical doctor was employed as an expert in the case, Cathy’s review of the records could save money by getting the relevant records organized and summarized that would allow the expert’s review to be more expeditious and less costly.

On another occasion, Cathy assisted a client who was in a situation where a family member was experiencing declining health and the medical facility did not seem to be responding appropriately. I realized that the questions transcended the legal realm and that the client needed assistance with medical protocol. Cathy was able to immediately step in to ensure that the proper protocols and medical care were put in place and to be an advisor for my client. Her ability to talk to the client quickly in light of the potentially urgent medical situation and her fast work and good advice were able to put my client at ease and ensure that my client was able to make knowledgeable choices and move forward confidently.

In each case where Cathy has worked for one of my clients, I have felt confident that they were in good hands. Cathy is not only a knowledgeable advisor who employs a practical and common sense approach, but also a people person who can relate to the stress that medical issues can cause clients.. Cathy is also sensitive to the emotion that is often involved when medical issues are present in a case. She is not only the utmost professional but also a caring individual who is also able to cut to the chase to help clients and focus on their needs.

Based on her professionalism and demeanor, I am always confident that Cathy will be able to work well with any of my clients in a manner that addresses their needs and also makes them feel that a trusted advisor is there for them.

I am happy to talk to anyone who may wish to talk in further detail about my experiences with Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc.

Rebecca M. Vaccariello, Esq.



This is a letter of recommendation of Cathy Stockinger, RN. I have known Cathy for many years and have consulted with her in my personal injury law practice.

Cathy is a great resource in helping organize a patient’s medical history. She is very meticulous in reviewing records, creating effective summaries and connecting clients with other medical providers to enhance the value of the case.

I give Cathy my highest recommendation not only for her quality of work and professionalism, but also because she presents herself with such character and credibility. If I may provide any additional information, please contact me at the office telephone number above.

James L. O’Leary, II
Personal Injury Law Office of James L. O’Leary, II



It is with great pleasure that I am able to highly recommend Legal Nurse Consulting, Inc., Cathy Stockinger, R.N., Fred Stockinger, M.D., and their consulting services. I have had the opportunity to work with the Stockingers on a number of personal injury, medical malpractice, and other matters requiring their input and advice. They have provided excellent case analysis, records summaries, and strategic analysis in a variety of medical contexts. Without fail their assistance has proven to be professional, cordial, thorough, and a significant contribution to substantial recoveries for my clients. We are currently teaming up on several pending matters, and I look forward with confidence to working with them in the future.

Mike McDonnell
McDonnell Trial Law